Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard all about the AI craze. ChatGPT, Sora, Midjourney, Claude, Gemini, the list goes on and on and on and.... on.

Within this craze is the generative ai section. In a nutshell, generative ai, or gen ai for short, is the ability to create images, videos, audio and more from simple inputs. These inputs are often text, but can also be images, videos, audio or combinations of these elements.

The most popular type of generative ai is text-to-image. Text-to-image describes any AI model that can create an image from text. There are many popular text-to-image ai, but today I will be focusing on a small subsection ofcreating ai girls.

A banner of ai image creation software
A text to image ai model

What are ai girls?

Ai girls are exactly what they sound like; they are girls created with ai.  Ai girls can come in all different shapes and sizes, blonde, brunette, tall, short, skinny, big, brown, pale, even aliens. To put it simply, ai girls are just regular girls created with an ai image generator.

Are ai girls real?

No, ai girls are not real, as they do not exist in the physical world. They have no personality of their own, and are merely generated images and personas. While creating images of ai girls is fine, the danger lies in websites that offer full chat experience with an ai girl. Do not be fooled by conversational ai girls who seem full of personality. These are pre-trained large language models (LLMs) optimised to sound and talk like a real human being. These models prey on creating a parasocial relationship with the end user to turn a profit. Ethical ai girls should always disclose that they are generated with AI.

Why create ai girls?

One may have many reason to create ai girls. Among these reasons are:

- Earn money

Ai girls are earning up to $10,000 a month posting pictures on social media. It seems that creating ai girls is an underrated money making opportunity which will experience explosive growth in 2024. Later, I will dive into the tools you need to earn money with ai girls.

- Prank friends

Although AI had an explosive breakout in 2023, there are still many members of the general population who have no idea what's real and what's not. This is especially prevalent among older generations. What makes things worse is that these generative ai models are getting better each day, and some are now indistinguishable from reality. The flip side is that this can make for amusing harmless pranks with your friends and family.

A text conversation about ai girls
An unsuspecting friend tricked by AI

- Become an influencer

Perhaps the most interesting usecase behind ai girls so far is becoming an ai influencer. Ai girls posting regularly on social media such as instagram are earning thousands a month, and securing lucrative deals with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Ai girl promotion with fortnite
An ai girl posts a potential collaboration with hit game Fortnite

- Create beautiful art

Maybe the most compelling reason to create ai girls is just for the sake of it. Everywhere and in everything, humans seek creative expression. They seek beauty. Ai is another medium for this beauty and creation of art (as debated as that is). A very important reason to create ai girls is simply to create beautiful art. Many people have created breathtaking visualisations of fantasy ai women, decorated and embezzled in the finest patterns, lighting and poses. One may create ai girls for the sake of it.

Now, into what you're here for. 

How to create ai girls

There are many potential ways to create ai girls. In another post, I will go deep and compare all the options. For now, I will simply suggest the easiest, most reliable way to create ai girls for yourself.

Many are choosing to use Catfishes to create their ai girls. Catfishes is an online website that simplifies the ai girl creation process for you, allowing you to focus on creating your best art. Unlike other general purpose ai image generators, Catfishes.co focuses specifically on ai girls.

Here's how you can create ai girls use it.

Step 1) Go to Catfishes.co

Go to the homepage

A website to create ai girls
Catfishes.co, the best tool to create ai girls

Step 2) Quickly create an account or sign in

It takes less than 10 seconds if you use Gmail one click sign-in.

Step 3) Click to create a preset

Press the "Create a preset" button

Step 4) Create a face for your ai girl

Describe in simple terms the facial characteristics of your ai girl.

I used the prompt "Cute girl with green hair and freckles".

Wait for it to finish creating.

Step 5) Check out your ai girl's face.

If you like her, press "Use this face" to continue. If you don't like her, try again.

Step 6) Save your ai girl and name her

Save your ai girl as a preset so you can always come back to her later.

Step 7) Pick between your ai girls to create more photos

Choose between your saved ai girls to go forward and create more photos of her.

Step 8) Create photos of your ai girl

Create photos of your ai girls doing whatever you like wherever you like.

Play with the parameters to your liking.

I've gone with prompt "Drinking coffee on the sofa"

Wait for it to finish creating.

The face will always be the same!

Step 9) Choose, download and use your favourite images

Simply click to download your preferred images of you ai girls. Go forward and use them however!

And voila!

You've learned how to create an ai girl with almost no effort. Just a few simple prompts, a couple of button presses, and boom, realistic ai girls using Catfishes.co.

I hope you've learned something, if you have, consider sharing this article with a friend. Happy Catfishing!